Now that’s just irritating, nothing but irritating.

Argh! I searched high and low. I even wondered if I’d thrown it away. For hours I searched my apartment for my phone but couldn’t find it. I even did a CSI move and sat in the chair and scanned the room from that level. Where could the phone hide?

The bed was searched. The floor around and under the bed was searched. The studio area was ruled out quickly. I went to the living room and moved the sofa pillows. I mean I looked high and low.

Earlier in the day I sent emails to a few friends to tell them to call me so I could find my phone. So here it is 7 am and I’m again looking behind a small dresser and pulling my mattress off the frame when I hear the jingle. I went into the living room but it stopped. I was like, call again, call again.

That stupid phone was sitting on the arm of the sofa by the door. It was just out of sight of the pillows I adjusted earlier in the evening. Argh!!!

I put my bed back together and then began typing this entry.

Dang it.

At least I have it back…. I also found a pen under there …and dust that I’ll leave as is. There was so much dust under there that it was no longer dust bunnies or dust hare, but gigantic kicking, boxing kangaroos. I played it safe and left the dust kangaroo alone.

I’m not the type that has her phone glued to her hip. I don’t have my phone with me in every room or have it in sight of me. I’m not like that at all. When the phone was missing, I was okay for the first few hours, but as the night dragged on it worried me. I even tried to call myself over the internet but you have to accept a call or text to begin the process so that plan didn’t work.

Now I need to go back and email 6 different people to tell them I found the phone. lol. OMG. I can’t believe it was on the arm of the sofa the entire time. Really? How did I miss that? Argh!!!

Okay, time for some sleep.

Right there on the arm of the chair…that’s so irritating. lol

I hope I’m safe with dust kangaroos under my bed. No wonder the cat never goes under there. Smart girl.


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