Tonight I got a text from a friend concerning her pet chicken. She made the chicken a new shirt. (cue crickets). Her pet chicken wears clothing? Oh my goodness girl, get a dog and let it go, okay? So anyway, she sent a photo and said, she fell asleep in my lap, isn’t she cute?

How do you answer something like that? Isn’t my sleeping pet chicken who is wearing a new shirt, cute? No, no it’s not. As a matter of fact, the angle which she shot the photo was questionable. What’s wrong with you? What type of extreme boredom do you have to experience to come up with tailor made shirts for your chicken?

I always swore I’d never get a little dog. I made fun of people who had little dogs, especially those who had them all dressed up….. then I got a little Yorkshire Terrier and my life changed. I was making her sweaters left and right. I have a feeling it’s much the same with pet chickens. She’s pecking along, you’re bored out of your mind and you’re like, let’s do a fryers fashion show. I can see how her life came to this point. However, I fear once she’s gone there she can’t come back……nor can I un-see that photo.

Jane doesn’t wear clothing but she does have her own handmade blanket and pillow to match my comforter. The main pillow she uses is lightly chamomile scented. Though it was never my intention to let her use my stuffed frog, she’s just so cute beside it that I allowed her to keep it in her bed. She’s my buddy.

I wonder if my frogs would allow me to put a shirt on them, a little tiny frog shirt? …… maybe not. Once I go there, I can’t come back……

Guy and Steve Pickle on a rock, under a leaf.


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2 thoughts on “Cradling a Sleeping Chicken

  1. Yesterdays post made me smile. Today’s made me laugh out loud! I don’t think I’ll get that picture out of mind of your little frog in a designer shirt! Love your writing….

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