It’s 8:20 pm and I’ve hardly spent any time awake. My visitor came and I was awake for that but I’ve been sleeping most of this day. The barometer dropped from 30.00 to 29.87 and my body could feel it. I hear we’ll have a few days where the dew point takes us out of these tropical conditions. Change in the weather, for warmer or colder, means my body will feel it. I’m looking forward to cooler weather but going through the shift is gonna hurt.

Cool wind
There’s a change in staff in the apartment complex but it wasn’t the right person leaving. After giving every ounce of anxious sweat he had, the maintenance man has been replaced.  The manager is still here. I got a call from her around 9:30 this morning telling me she wanted to come up with the new maintenance man to change some light bulbs. No.

My phone has a do not disturb setting so only a hand full of people can call me that early. She’s not one of those people which means she went straight to voicemail.

Love is in the air with a wedding in about 6 months. They’re wonderful as individuals and will be a ‘power couple’ together. I call them a power couple because of the love with which they serve their community. The soon-to-be wife took on a foreign language to be of more assistance to local needs.

Deep breath
My goal this week end is to finish Friday of the Don’t Give Up convention program that I’m watching on JW.org. I’m able to link in to the video through the website and follow along with the outline/program. The information is so helpful, especially right now when I’m feeling so emotionally spent. I’m learning helpful ways to keep focused and keep moving forward.


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