When I go on Craigslist and see a cat or dog sitting next to another animal, I wonder how the owner narrowed it down to him being the one who needs to find a new home. Do you flip a coin? Pull names out of a hat? What?

I use to wonder that but now I know.

There is a problem in the Pickle family. I have a dominant male who will not tolerate the other male in the tank. I love Big Steve but he’s not docile enough to live with the other two. He has banished Guy Pickle to the corner and takes food right out of Guy’s mouth. He’ll wait for Guy to catch a cricket then wrestle the poor thing until he lets go of him. So, the decision has been made to rehome Steve “the Beast” Pickle. He is currently in the terrarium by himself with Guy and Flip in a separate terrarium. I don’t like the idea of Steve living by himself.

Firebelly toads are beautiful animals that can live a good long life of up to 15 yrs in captivity. They do well in groups and don’t take too much care. They’re funny. I love their feet and their clumsy way of getting around. I love their eyes and their spots. They’re too, too adorable.

Firebelly toads aren’t the type of frog you can take out and visit with. You shouldn’t hold them or handle them too often. They will come over and visit with you at the glass but it’s best not to handle them.

So, Steve drew the short end of the stick because of his personality type. He’s a little more dominant than the other frogs in the group. If he lived in a larger space with other males or lived only with females I believe he’d be fine.

I adore Flip Flop. She’s so calm…and her legs are too funny. Oh my gosh she’s adorable. She and Steve got along well. They hung out together. When he’d try to mate with her she’d just slime him and slip out of his grasp. Too funny to see the lower half of her body go limp as she squeezed out of his arms.

Guy got his name because he was the new guy in the tank. I’m terrible at naming things so after a bit he was just called Guy. He shows a stunning green too but he’s much smaller in stature than the Beast. Guy’s spots are closer together and smaller. His underside is yellow where as the Beast and Flip Flop have a red underbelly.

So, that’s what’s up with the Pickle family and why Steve ended up with the short end of the stick and in need of a home. He needs a harem or more space between him and other males. I hate it but it’s gotta happen. I hope someone takes him because if not I may take him back to the pet store so he can be adopted. Living alone for his full life span is a dreary, undesirable future.

Now for Mary Jane. My girl is evil right now and is clearly uncomfortable. It breaks my heart. She just complains and complains. She has even stopped covering her business in the litter box. She just leaves it on top. She eats well and drinks well, eliminates just fine but this girl is not comfortable at all. She has hardly purred. My baby isn’t using her purr box. She wants me to hold her and keep holding her.

It’s been horribly hot this way and my air conditioning is inadequate. I hope her comfort level turns soon because I hate to see her so miserable. If she thinks July was hot, wait until August. It’s ’bout ta-get hot!


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