We talked to him about my aunts going to New York to clean out his apartment. I wonder if they thought to get his personal violin and music sheets.

google imageWe talked about my level of depression and the physical toll its taking.

We talked about going two or three days without drinking a cup of tea because I just didn’t think to do it. That’s like putting my left arm down to my side for days on end because I forgot to use it. Tea is a part of what I do, it’s a big comfort for me but it’s also used medically. I should drink tea and will as soon as I finish writing. 

We talked about a dream where I was on the roof of a skyscraper building in Indy being chased by two criminals. The two men were first African-American but they changed to Caucasian. They were murderers that escaped prison.

I was eating lunch in one of the historic rooms when approached by the criminals. When I recognized them as escaped fugitives they tried to take me hostage. I ran. The next thing you know we’re outside on the roof. The criminals ran for me but fell off the side of the building to their death. I had to scale the wall to get to the ground floor. As I went down the wall I slipped and fell but caught myself on the clock which chimed as I held on.  It sounded more like an organ than a clock. The building shifted locations from Indy to a building in Spain. The building became much smaller and I eventually made it to the ground where I was whisked away in a black SUV by the police. In the back I became Zorro wearing a black mask and cape. I have no idea why Zorro was in the dream but I do know why Spain was in the dream and which church it was.

Dr. D said people falling to their deaths like that had to be horrible. I said the content of this dream was light compared to most of my dreams.

I would love to say Batman is better than Zorro but I can’t. Sorry Batman, this time Zorro wins.

I go in to see Dr. D this coming Friday.

It’s now time to feed the cat and toss crickets in for the frogs. Steve wasn’t adopted. I had a few people call but nothing panned out.


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