Dr D called Friday around 11 am. I spoke to him briefly. He wanted to apologize and say that he has an opening next Friday for me to come in for a session. I then got dressed to go to the grocery store. My pain level has been high all day, high enough that I’ve taken pain meds three times. That’s not normal for me.

Emotionally I’m raw. I’m physically tired. My right leg is good and swollen the way it used to look before I was on blood thinners. I don’t have a blood clot but I need to remember to drink my teas daily. That’s a strange thing to say but my depression has been deep with self care and normal activities taking a back seat.

I drink tea because I love it and because it helps medically. The teas I drink keep me from needing to take blood thinners. I’ve been able to maintain a healthy INR this way. I take the INR much the same as someone diabetic. The strip is put in a little reader and my INR number comes up. I refused blood thinners because of the side effects but at that time I was doing everything I needed to do to keep blood clots at bay and to keep it from being too thin. I don’t want to mess myself up. I don’t need another blood clot…and I don’t want a longer time with this depression.

When it comes to blood clots in the lower limbs, I have a heart filter to catch them. I don’t if its in an upper limb but that was only a problem once.  I’m concerned about this.

I’m going to go ahead and put my compression socks on and elevate this thing.

I see the new doctor the 22nd. What kind of first appointment am I going to make? Gracious.

If this is a blood clot situation I know how to get through it because I’ve done it six times. DVT isn’t new in my neck of the woods. An emotional rebound may be a little harder than a physical one.

It’s been a hard day.


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