The Last Laugh II: Jester - availableI was thrilled to see that two of my art pieces got a new home today, one of which is from a Jester series called “The Last Laugh”.

The series illustrates the role I was cast to play while growing up. A Jester or clown puts on a false face, parades around and makes a “fool” of himself to get a laugh. He distracts people from the real world around them and for just a tiny bit they forget. I hate clowns for that very reason and yet I feel compelled to paint them.

Every line spoken were words not my own. They haunted me and concealed my real voice and my real face from the real world. The story of my life today is a simple one. I only play the role that is me.

“The Last Laugh II” (above) is currently framed and hanging in my room. I’ll miss it. 🙂 It’s been hanging for quite some time but I never thought it would stay here. The Last LaughSome paintings just take a little longer to be found by the right person. Today she found a home.

The very first painting in this open theme is small but emotion packed. In person you can see how the red and black contrast and leave shadows. You can see how it’s finish lends itself to the painting.  The bold red original to the left may be on my wall a little longer but I don’t doubt it too will get a wall of it’s own.

Other Jester paintings include Folly, The Pages Were All Wrong and Shielded.


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