I’m still on the hunt for a psychiatrist for better med management. I’m using a few different resources to manage the depression and anxiety now, one resource being art.

I doodle because it makes me happy. I doodle because I’m anxious. I doodle because I’m bored. I’m a doodle bug.

These were done while in bed. Some are in my art journal while others are in altered art books.

It’s been difficult to move around so I’ve stayed close to my the bed. The watercolor pens pen is so helpful. I can move beyond colored pencils and crayons. I still use those but I like having watercolors, too.

In the whimsical collage, I used torn pieces of paper from the book The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. That’s the book I’m currently using as an altered art book.

In line to be used as altered art books are: The Wizard of Oz and a classic Hunchback of Notre Dame with beautiful illustrations. I’ve looked in to doing Bible art journaling. I’ve got ideas on my Pinterest page. At first I didn’t think I could bring myself to paint on the pages of any Bible, but we’ll see. I don’t know if I can bring myself to do it though. I love and can appreciate what others have done with Bible’s and art. There’s no criticism there. It’s just I feel hesitant and not quite ready to cover over a single Word in the name of art.  🙂

The Bible I would use is a 1983 translation in modern English. It’s currently drying flowers for art projects. Hunchback holds large leaves and the Wizard of Oz is someplace on the bookshelf. Lonely Hunter is within eye shot, always ready to record this or that creative whim.

These are also in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. Mind Maze is watercolor and ink. Silver Swan is spray paint and acrylic. Delicate is in watercolor.

I must go drink tea now. It’s calling my name and I must answer. Earl Grey with lavender, here I come.


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