A phrase went through my head this morning that tells me that my instincts about the GP I saw yesterday are correct. I need to move on. She’s not the one. I’m writing things down so I can remember the entire experience.

This morning I remembered that while talking about me taking pain meds from time to time, the new GP said to me, “But Dr. Old GP wants to move you away from any pain meds.”

I’m not seeing Dr. Old GP so why are we talking about what he wants to do for my care?

I have to note, too, that she didn’t even touch me. She didn’t ask why my blood pressure was so high. She didn’t ask about the edema in my leg. She didn’t give a single, solitary exam, not even to have me open my mouth and look at my throat. She didn’t do anything but give me medication and tell me what Dr. Old GP wants for my care.

My head goes back and forth telling me that I should give her a chance but it makes me very angry to hear that Dr. Old GP, who told me not to come back, who denied medications, who treated me like a dog, can leave notes of what to do and what not to do for the next GP. He’s trying to move me away from pain medication. Then give me a new body!!! If you expect me to never take a pain medication then give me a new body!!!!!!!

She suggested I put soy back in my diet when I was specifically told to remove it. I’ve done my best to remove as much soy as possible.


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2 thoughts on “My instincts are correct

  1. Listen to yourself you are not wrong. We have similarities in our pain management and my docs took away all the pain pills too. They also offered me shock therapy. They can all sit and spin. I hope you find the right GP for you. ❤️

    1. Who does that? Who offers shock therapy right out of the gate? Really? 2017 and you want to electrocute me?

      It’s not reasonable for a person to be expected to manage this pain completely without pain medication. It is not reasonable.

      She gave me that line about there being an epidemic in the country. I know there’s an epidemic but please don’t pretend like the citizens caused it or fuel it. Doctors who made themselves drug dealers by selling scripts for cash or sex made this a problem. Please don’t make me bring up that when there’s a bust here in the US we see DOCTORS on TV not patients. We see clinics closed and doctors and nurses going to jail but in that news we don’t see or hear that a bunch of patients went to jail. This whole database of people who get pain meds isn’t about the people but the doctors who are cheating the government out of taxes. They aren’t counting that money they take in for scripts. They made themselves drug dealers and made it difficult now for patients to get treatment. Don’t even start talking to me about an epidemic. What about a pain epidemic? What about patient care? What about reducing suffering and increasing quality of life? Are we doing pain management with ECT now, too?

      I didn’t listen to myself last time about my doctor and I sat with him for over two years. I’m learning not to make decisions out of desperation.

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