As I understand it, there has been an increase in reports of emotional triggers caused by the active abuser known as the 45th President of the United States. His inauguration has increased the stress level of people with depression as well as survivors of abuse. Why? Because his narcissism, public shaming, paranoia and threats, mirror the abuses we suffered.

Donald Trump is controlling, angry, arrogant and verbally abusive. He abuses his power with impunity. Rules don’t apply to him.  Like our abusers, he pits one side against another for his selfish gain. He lies and creates situations that keep everyone running in circles then he blames the chaos on us. He says one thing in public but another in private. It is plain for many to see how destructive of a force he is, but just like with many abusers, nothing is being done to remove the threat. As a matter of fact, just like with our abusers, there are those who swear he’s a good person and only has the greater good in mind. How could we possibly accuse him of anything other than being a good, hard working family man? Yes, President Donald Trump brings further harm to citizens trying to heal from an abuser like him.

Today in therapy Dr. D and I discussed how triggering it is for me to hear Mr. Trump speak because it is similar to listening to my mother. Trump spits out insults to reporters right to their faces then he allows them to ask a question. The question is answered with contempt and hostility. Just like with my mother, I had to sift through and toss to the side, all insults to find meaning in her words. It’s like walking through a maze of rose bushes while getting pricked by over grown vines. Your goal is to move through the maze with the fewest scars possible. You take strikes from thorns again and again just to get to the end. That’s what it’s like listening to Donald Trump’s speeches. You let him get away with name calling and abusive speech because its par for the course for speaking to him. That’s what it was like talking to my mother. It’s going to hurt but you have to do it anyway.

According to the sitting President, we as citizens are in imminent danger. Just like my abuser, I was taught to be afraid of how bad it would be if she wasn’t in charge. If ever I was taken away, things would be worse. The abusive President would have us afraid of people of color. He would have us believe that everyone else is wrong but he is right. Ignore the fact that his behavior creates chaos and that he escalates tensions with others. Ignore the fact that, like our abuser, he attempts to isolate us, tear down our self esteem, shame us, objectify us and discard us like trash. Ignore all that because we have to survive. President Trump puts us back in that house where we were abused only this time its not a family member or family friend, its the ‘most powerful man in the world’.

President Trump is an abuser. Every day he sits in that office he is allowed to abuse and allowed to negatively impacted the mental health of survivors trying to heal from people just like him.

Faith Austin
SUNDRIP – Art for Life

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7 thoughts on “The Mental Health Toll of President Donald Trump

  1. I feel a pull. On one hand I feel a need to know,what is going on, a need to keep track of what 45 is doing. On the other hand I need to stay functional. I cannot work and take care of my child when I’m horridly triggered by the idea of an abuser in the White House. So mostly I don’t watch the news about him. I watch BBC news to stay current on world events. I mean it makes me feel better but I just can’t. Perhaps that makes me a bit…. I don’t know privileged because hubby has a good job and I don’t worry for our healthcare, etc. but I just can’t. I can’t spend the next 4 years living back in that horrid not knowing what will happen moment to moment. That always wondering what will happen next. I can’t function in that anymore. And so I just stay ignorant of what he’s up to. It’s hardest on fb but I have learned to scroll and to hide stories.

    1. My therapist told me that his presence has caused increased anxiety in patients.
      I didn’t realize just how triggering he is for me. His verbal abuse reminds me of my mother. He is appalling and so is the acceptance of him. He’s so off the hinges that people are afraid to upset him. They take the verbal beating and his misbehaving as if they don’t have a choice. I can’t believe he gets away with some of his antics. It’s like he’s throwing fits. He’s a 5 year old let lose in a political jungle with people who expect adult level functioning. It’s pathetic. When looking at his mannerisms during speeches, I swear he looks like the American version of Mussolini.

      I use the BBC website, CNN fake news as well as The Guardian. However, my primary source of news is through YouTube. I watch videos of late night talk shows such as Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers “A Closer Look”. I think they despise Trump as much as many reasonable people do. Watching videos where humor is added helps me digest this crap easier.

      I’d like to say that my disgust for Trump has nothing to do with politics. I despite the person whose main goal is to destroy and to create chaos.

      1. Also…… lol……When I discovered that people think Trump was sent by God I was flabbergasted. I mean dang, I knew they were in the dark but I didn’t know they were delusional. My gracious. I mean seriously, come on….sent by God? Which God? Can you be more specific? ….. Just when you think you’ve heard it all…….

        1. exactly. most are more mature than Trump. He has a serious deficiency when it comes to being grounded as an adult in reality.

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