Asian Painted Bullfrog. Dollhouse Update.

I woke this morning to find the Green Tree Frog dead. I called the company I got him from and told them about it. She’s going to order me another Chubby Frog instead. I wonder though, will two males fight? This is a male, for certain, this little plump thing is male.

In photos his eyes look cloudy but when I look at him they’re clear.
I hope he does well here because I really like him. He’s strange looking at first but when I really look at him I see nothing but beauty. He’s mellow, very chill. He didn’t even slime me when I held him.

As usual, the photos are blurry. I think next time I do a physical check up on him, I’ll photograph him on the mat when he’s outside the tank.

I’m working my way up to a White’s Tree Frog aka Dumpy Frog. I’ve got quite a few projects going so getting the Dumpy terrarium finished won’t happen until next summer. In the mean time I’ll enjoy this little guy along with my best froggy buddy Pete the African Clawed Frog.

I put Janie in the room while handing Chubby up because she has a high prey drive. The last thing I need is for her to come after the frog with no name.

His call is really neat. His throat swells up like a balloon. It’s awesome. At first I wasn’t sure what I was hearing. Actually, I thought I was just imagining things, that I was catching noise pollution in bits or something. Then I realized it was the bullfrog. So very cool.

I wish I lived somewhere that would accommodate a small flock of Pekin Ducks. Frogs and ducks? That would just thrill me to death.

This is an updated photo of my plant room. There’s one little Sunburst Platty in that 20 gallon tank with Pete. I couldn’t get him out so I left him in there. He’s doing just fine. I didn’t include the goldfish tank in the photos.

I was so pleased to have the pink colored coleus indoors from spring until recently. It grew quite well in the house. I only bought the plant for $2 so I got my money’s worth. It looked really good in the back with all this green.

I love growing things in the house that people say you can’t grow. This leads me to the roof of the doll house. I now have everything, a small electric saw, a little hand drill and some ingenuity with a pile of bark tossed in. The other day at the park I found a tree skinned of it’s bark. Some of the pieces were quite large so I snagged them and have been fitting this piece here and that piece there. I’m so happy I found that bark. I needed to know what I was going to do with the roof before I went any further. Now that I know, the big stuff on the house will come together quickly.

I’m really pleased with the plant chosen for the roof top. Some science guy who always talks about stars and planets all the time, suggested I put a ivy plant in the drawer of my plant area. I did but then I moved it to a different spot. As it progressed I decided it would be the plant that is allowed to grow over part of the roof and over the side. The roof plans are sealed so I can really get going now. The yard will be considered later. I’m not worrying about the yard right now. I know it won’t be a full, living moss garden. I’ve tried to keep moss in the open here but it hasn’t done well for me. I’ve tried it on several different sizes and I failed each time, so the moss yard is out. I can, however, use false moss then add small succulents to the yard. I have some in mind that will do great as bushes in the yard.

I made some plates for a hutch I have as well as some flower pots. I’ve not gone any further with furniture and such. I’m still collecting original art and look forward to adding some watercolor trees from a girl over there in South Africa. 🙂 Sometimes I see art and know it has to go in my dollhouse. It’s only right that I’d add art, an art studio with plants and a tea spot.

That’s all for frogs and dollhouse updates. It’s time to close the night out with a mellow tea and light reading. I’ll get to visit other blogs tomorrow. I look forward to it.


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