Mary Jane aka Super Cat has been more active today. She’s still eating, still drinking, but is rather lethargic. She’s been checked and the vet says there’s nothing medically wrong with Jane other than that she’s showing signs of her age. She stayed in the corner for nearly three weeks. The last week she’s been out and about. She’s beside me as I type which hasn’t been done in a good long while. Today when I held her I could feel how much weight she’s lost.

I need more time with my girl.

Jane wakes screaming. She looks for me even though I’m right in front of her. She goes to her water bowl and lays down in front of it like it’s too much effort to stand and drink. She lays there looking at the water for 5 min or so then drinks. This may mean she likes her reflection but it’s new behavior.

She’s still 100% with her litter box though she doesn’t bother to bury it anymore. I still clean it daily. She’s still brushed daily. When I open the window she’s more than ready to jump up in it. She stays for maybe an hour then goes back to that corner.

Since she’s looking for solitude, I set up her carrier in a quiet, cool corner. I put her blanket in there and took the door off so it didn’t accidentally close. Her carrier is square and big enough to hold a small dog such as a Boston Terrier or full grown Pug. She’s got room in there to hang out, which she does.

I’ll call her vet Tuesday to see what he thinks.

I hope, I just hope that its the heat that’s a problem.

The last few days have brought Jane to me to offer head bumps. She’s been the old Jane as she licks my face and purrs beside me. I missed that sound. I’ve missed her walking around proud of her tail. I’ve missed her gold eyes blink at me. She’s so fussy now, which I’m not used to but ya know, it is what it is.

Tomorrow Snow will be here. We’ll see if Jane decides to present herself for petting and purring. Jane knows no strangers, shrinks back from nothing and charms her way through any trouble she might be in….boy does she know how to be mischievous. I love that when she’s in trouble she’s not afraid of me. That’s important.

Time for bed. It’s 2 am. I have a long day tomorrow.

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