I'm not chubby, I'm big boned.

Today I held my new frog again and he peed on me. That was not adorable, not cute. It was excessive use of frog force, wrong on all levels, and unforgettable. I’ve never seen anything shoot out of the back of a frog with that strength of stream. I do believe I’m traumatized. If you’ve ever seen a cat spray then you know what I experienced with Chubby Charlie and why I took to drinking. The smell was foul, the act emotionally damaging. lol. Why Charlie, why? Man, I gave you crickets, what do you give me, PTFD, Post Traumatic Frog Disorder. That was just ruthless, man, just ruthless.

Asian Painted Bullfrog, Banded Frog, Chubby Frog. Can he possibly have any more names?

Faith, aka Chubby Charlie’s Mom, Mary Jane’s sidekick, Master Mischief Maker, Drama Queen. Can I possibly have ……. never mind. I know the answer to that.

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3 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Frog Disorder

    1. Charlie the frog did’t say anything to me about PTHD. He said I got what I deserved when I plucked him from his home just to take photos of him.

      He’s a big boned frog with a voice like boxer Mike Tyson. I didn’t laugh at him though, not knowing he’s armed with that…that wet weapon. (shivers)

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