I posted a photo of my newly arranged tiny slice of paradise and got a lot of positive feedback. I love that area. When I think about my little home here I see it as relaxing overall, but I’ve carved out one spot dedicated to the things I love. The tea spot over there, too.

Someone on Flick told me I should go to YouTube and download some cricket sounds and the sound of a waterfall. I smiled because those sounds can be heard here. I feed crickets to my babies, the crickets sing.

When she suggested I go get sounds for this space I had to stop and be thankful for this room and for the tiny little slice of life I’ve made here. I get to hear my frogs call. Pete calls quite often but his love died several years ago, so no one calls back. Charlie calls once or twice at night then quiets down. How could I not love that room?

While studying, I have a pot of tea at the table and I face the window looking out. I don’t play music or anything because that distracts me but I’ve discovered that studying in that room helps me stay more grounded. I don’t dissociate as much. I don’t lose focus like when studying in the room.

My special area is another reason to be grateful and another opportunity to stop and acknowledge the brilliance of creation.

I did a bit of creating last night. I sat at my studio table for a good while and painted my hands blue.

A Handful

It felt good to just let go and paint. No objective, no expectations, just put paint on paper and breathe. After I bit I moved over here to the bedroom side of things where I was greeted by Mary Jane. To see her take her spot beside me while typing was wonderful. Her purr box was on full blast. She even slept beside me through the night.



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