I went to the table to paint but Jane was already occupying the chair. I sat on the edge and waited for her to move but she didn’t. That’s the first time I can remember sharing a chair with her at the studio table. Later in the evening she took her place beside me in bed and purred her little head off.

I’ve held and brushed her daily. She still eats, drinks and uses the restroom just fine. I’m happy to say she’s no longer staying in the corner day in and day out. Even with that progress, I’m going to go ahead and take her to see her vet because I’m very concerned about continued weight loss. She’s lost at least 5 lbs. Her fur is still long but its thinner. I won’t attempt to diagnose her because that’s not my profession, but I do know when it’s time to take her in again. I’ll call Tuesday morning for an appointment.

I may catastrophize and be upset over something easy to fix. I don’t know what to expect but I keep thinking, Jane, please, I just need a little more time with you. Don’t go anywhere right now. As I brushed her yesterday and saw how skinny she’s gotten I welled up with tears. I didn’t cry because I don’t want to be too sad right now with her ya know? If my time left with Jane is shorter than expected, I don’t want to spend the time upset. It’s hard though.

I hold her and she immediately leans in to put her head against my face. She’s warm, soft. I hear her purr then she puts her head on my shoulder and settles in for a while.

Today I washed her because she was a mess with vomit. Her evening was difficult. The only way to fully remove all that was to wash the poor thing. I mean to tell you, she’s the most agreeable cat ever. I’m without one scratch. I put her in that tub then rinsed her off with the hand held shower head. She didn’t freak out. She cried a bit but she didn’t freak out. The tub had just enough water to come above her paws and that’s all. She even let me put an aloe vera rinse on her. It’s just aloe and water. I put a little on certain spots where I had to use a brush to remove solids. I dried her off with a towel then held her for a little bit. She’s napping now. All I can do is shake my head bc this girl has been such a good companion and friend. She’s got a golden heart to match her gold-green eyes.

As much as I love my cat, frogs and fish, you’d think I’d paint them more. I may have to do an abstract portrait of all the kids. I’ve photographed her during this down period with Jane but I’d like to keep them to myself. When / if she has an up swing I’ll post photos them.

I have to call the pet store about the green frog that died. I’m still dealing with them. These frogs aren’t expensive at all. Chubby frog’s run about $8.00. Green tree frogs run around $10.00. Having frogs here is priceless. One day I may have a small flock of Pekin ducks. You never know.


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