Mary Jane and My World
She’s terribly dehydrated and anemic. She’s in a compromised health condition. She’s back home with me.

Sometimes there was progress because she sat beside me in bed or slept in bed with me the entire night. But there was still weight loss day after day. She’s skin, fur and bones. No intestinal worms. Her gums are white. She’s losing weight rapidly. She’s laying around for most of the time.

My 15 lb cat now weighs 7 pounds. It is incredibly hard to watch her deteriorate so quickly.

Jane lets me hold her. She snuggles under my neck. I kiss her little head and she licks my face just once then lays back down. She doesn’t know she’s a cat.

I will not attempt to explain what the vet said because I don’t want to give the wrong information. I try not to give too many medical terms and such because of the time I tried to explain what was going on with me and Lupus and how I explained it so terribly wrong. I’d like to avoid misinformation so I’m sticking to the very basics and updates of good, bad, critical.

Snow and her husband are assisting with the emotional side of things.

She’s got three meds which she’s letting me give her. She’s still eating but not as much as a few days ago. I didn’t get the prescription food but I did think to ask what an alternative might be. I’m offering Janie the alternative food.

It’s not looking good for my girl but I’ll do everything that is right and warranted. She’s not in obvious pain which means I won’t put her down, I’ll let her go naturally if she’s not in pain. That way she dies at home in her own bed without the anxiety of being put in a carrier, driving then going inside the vet with all those smells, sounds and people. That is very anxiety provoking for her. She does well with the doctor himself but the closed crate, drive and the waiting room are met with cries. If she was in pain or develops pain then putting her to sleep will become an option. Right now that’s not the case. In the event that this is going to take my girl, I would want it to be fast like this instead of a long, drawn out, illness. I wouldn’t want Fuzzy Butt to suffer.

I have cried and cried at the thought that Mary Jane may not live a lot longer. I’m so happy I have therapy tomorrow. Gracious!!! I had therapy in 2009 when my service dog Captain Crunch died. I had to put him down. I have questioned myself over that for years. Honestly, if Jane goes here, I can say goodbye longer ya know? Then we’ll take her little self to Animal Care and Control. That is where I would need to take her to have her euthanized. They do it for free whereas the vet wants hundreds plus my left kidney.

I’m in a CRSD down swing. My left leg is terribly swollen. The edema in my left foot looks horrible and my teeth ache. I wondered if I’d have issues after all that dental work. I don’t know if it’s nerves healing or what but they hurt. …
I made a nice batch of tea today but I’ve not eaten yet….

Your World
I’ve checked the news and see that there are raging fires as well as hurricanes. I would say to people to do more than stay safe. If you’re asked to evacuate, evacuate. Don’t be a hero, evacuate. I hope that isn’t easier said than done. I hope there is assistance for those who need funds to evacuate.
I think of Katrina and those who thought it was just another hurricane, but it wasn’t. No one foresaw that hell but we can learn from the past. When they say go, go….
While getting through these disasters, it will be important to have love, patience and kindness for your neighbors. With everyone under stress and packed together, it’ll be easy to tip the scale and make unnecessary and perhaps permanent mistakes. It won’t be easy, resettling won’t happen fast but you will have help and you will be able to start again. That is easy to say from where I’m sitting, but it’s still true. And its still true that people across the world will be pulling for you, day and night. I donated funds on your behalf and will continue to do so. No, my donation wasn’t large at all, but it was given and will continue to be.


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