**** Within 10 min of posting, this need has been met. THANK YOU. Deep sigh of relief!!! And honestly, a few tears. ****

Not all of us get the same information at the same time. When I moved to this apartment it took a long time for all of us to understand that we moved. The information isn’t common. It’s not like one knows it so we all know it. The information has to filter to each one of us which can sometimes take a while. When our dog Captain died it was about 6 months later before one particular person knew it. With Mary Jane being sick, there has been a complication because the person who is now main care giver for her didn’t know how to administer one of the medications. The meds were given wrong for several days but that has been corrected. They call what I have a disorder for a reason. I don’t have Dissociative Identity Order.

With the correction of medication, I’ve sees my furry one roll in cat nip. I’ve not seen that kind of movement in her in over a month.

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I don’t want to give up either. I’ll do everything in my power and within reason to assist her. I desperately need to get some Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control or Advantage flea and tick for cats because the last thing this girl needs is to fight fleas. She never goes outside but she does sit in the window and there was a flea on her today. I brush her daily, and love on her at that time as I look over her fur for invaders and such. Today I saw a  flea in her coat which is the first time since I moved from Fife’s house over 6 years ago. I fought them left and right at his house but she hasn’t had this problem. I don’t want it either.

If anyone would be willing to barter art for close to or slightly above the cost of Frontline or Advantage I’d be grateful. I’m not looking to get this for free. I have art to trade. Please use the contact information on the sidebar.

You don’t have to purchase Frontline through Amazon, I’m just linking to the product that I need. Artwork is on Etsy and in Available Art Gallery one and two.

Jane and I are doing a late dinner. I’m about to finish up seconds then sit back and relax a bit. Jane is asleep on her make shift palate. I’m still out in the living room with her during the day and evening. I’ve slept out here the last few nights which has been just fine.

There is part of me that needs to be in the back and away from the front door. There’s a feeling of security in my room, emotional safety that I don’t generally get out in the open when in the living room, but I feel safer the longer I’m out here.Chubby Charlie by Cobble Stone I certain have enjoyed the fish and frogs. I think its cool to hear the bullfrog bellow a few times each evening. He doesn’t do it all night, just a few calls then he stops. It’s so cool. I’m really enjoying Charlie and Cheesy.

While out here in the living room I’ve done a bit of painting and sketching. I brought out the watercolor sets bc they travel well. The dining room table is now a make shift studio as I stay with Janie during her medical melt down. Gracious!!! I need this girl to turn around. I really do. No matter what, I’m going to do the dedicated hanging sphere terrarium. I can’t explain what Jane has done for me in the last 12 years together. She’s been invaluable. She’s truly the definition of a service animal.

In the last hour I’ve heard my bullfrog trumpet. Pete the African Clawed Frog is singing right now. I’ve heard crickets calling and watched Mary Jane roll in catnip. My belly is full and my creative side is in full swing. You can’t tell me today was anything short of a success.


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