It’s been a very long day. The day started off at the dentist. I went to bed early and got a decent night’s sleep. I even slept through half of the dental appointment. I wasn’t nearly as afraid this time, especially since I remembered to take 2 mg of Klonopin before I went.

My fav employee sat with me through the appointment. We talked about tea and the Bible. They put the laughing gas on and I acted like it was weed. I took a deep, deep breath and held it. lol. I did it several times until my head felt kind of floating then I breathed normally. The needles were difficult but manageable.

I was determined I was going to finish these appointment and I did. What I didn’t realize was the office personnel realized how difficult it was for me to do. I appreciated the validation and even the praise for finishing this huge treatment. To my surprise I was given an Oral-B Vitality Floss Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush. How awesome is that?

There was difficulty with numbing me. I wondered if it had anything to do with the CRSD. I don’t know, but she numbed between teeth she wasn’t even working on so that the main nerve she as trying to numb would actually numb.

Yes!!! Now that’s a doctor worth seeing again!
At one point we decided not to try to numb the left side again. There was medium level pain as she worked over there but I just dug in and managed it. Honestly, I felt like an adult survivor, not a child. What I pulled on from inside was separate from what I pulled on to endure abuse by my mother.

At one point I thought the dentist was going to numb my tongue. She leaned over me and said, what we’re doing here is separate from what happened to you. She said something about how this was different and that she wouldn’t do anything other than dental work which did not include putting a needle in my tongue. I can’t tell you how helpful that was. She leaned over and said the right thing. I was able to get grounded and finish the last appointment. It feels like a huge accomplishment.

The dentist told me to get Act mouth wash which I can purchase at Dollar Tree. She suggested I get prescription tooth paste but I didn’t because it’s $13 at the pharmacy. As a good faith measure, I’ll fill that script as soon as possible. She went as far as to surprise me with that toothbrush. I’ll take the next step for the script toothpaste sitting at my pharmacy.

In a separate issue, she wants me to come in for a cleaning every six months. We’ll see. Even though I didn’t have teeth removed in those sessions, she said I would qualify for a partial. I’d love to. The first thing I’m going to eat when I have a partial on the bottom is a bag of cashews, warm, buttery cashews….oh, and then some pecans. (insert happy clap)

Of course no outing ever takes place without something interesting happening. lol. My well meaning fav employee said she loves black people’s hair. I let her touch the dreadlocks. I should have charged a petting fee. Then there was a conversation about how she and the dentist have American Indian in them. Before I passed out in the chair, (I literally passed out) I mumbled about my grandfather’s excessive use of peanuts or peanut butter in his Congolese cooking. I passed out and slept until they woke me.

I came home and did something, but who knows what. There’s a blank space which might mean I was asleep. I know I added moss to the Chubby Frog tank. Man I love those things.


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