Where There's Tea There's Hope Copyright SundripAs you read through these DIY tips to relieve ailments and conditions with basic back tea, you will see a common thread.

**The following are ideas found on the internet. They are not medical recommendations**

Research suggests black tea bags should be wet and used warm for 10 to 15 min , 4 to 5 times daily.

I knew black tea helps improve gum health. It acts to reduce inflammation and to slow, if not stop bleeding gums. In the case of inflamed gums, use black tea as a mouth wash.

Slow and stop the growth of cold sores
Warm the wet tea bag and place it on the suspected area for 10 min. You’ll see that it’s not growing or spreading but drying up and healing.

Heal and soothe callouses on your hands and heels.
I looked up how to fast track healing of cuts I got on my hands while cleaning broken glass. I was surprised to see the list of things black tea can do. Some I knew but others I didn’t. In the articles, I was helped to understand the astringent properties in black tea. In this case, when used as a compress it will help heal callouses and cuts by encouraging skin to fuse and heal. If there is a boil and you use a heated, wet tea bag, it will help drain and heal that, too. So, the next time you wear those cute shoes that hurt, go home and put some tea on your heels.

Recently I had a bought with poison ivy on my hands, face and neck. The information on how to use black tea to reduce itching and inflammation proved helpful. Make basic black tea, let it cool then use a wash cloth to gently dab the areas affected. Do this a few times a day. You’ll see a huge difference the first day.

Restroom Issues
Now lets get a little more personal. For anyone with problems down under you know it can drive you crazy and take you to the edge. Here’s what you do, you warm your tea bag and place it directly on your rectum or the area around the rectum that needs skin to fuse and heal. It will also help with irritation. The tea bag  should not be put inside. This is for surface areas only. This method can be used for fissures as well.

You can use this for infected hair follicles the same as you would a callous. You can soothe irritation of sensitive ares that were traumatized because  you thought waxing was a good idea.

Open wounds, shaving cuts, rashes, gingivitis,  stop bleeding after dental surgery, cold sores, DIY dry up acne, athletes foot, hemorrhoids and fissures, tooth aches and bug bites all benefit from applying a wet, warm, black tea bag or a black tea soak and wash. You can reheat the tea bag and use it again. The main healing properties gained from these methods is to pull out infection, act as an astringent and reduce of inflammation.

tea and success - google image

Today I’m using a basic black tea bag to work on the cuts on my right hand that I didn’t realize were there. The feeling and reflexes on my right side steadily grow weaker so I didn’t realize I had been cut until much later. I have one cut the full length of my index finger which happens to be the same finger with the hardened skin I was concerned about. I’m still seeing the doctor next Tuesday so I will make a note on my phone to bring it up to her.

Tea, it’s more than just love in a cup. Tea loves the body inside and out.

Add your tea stories in the comment section. I’d love to hear them. If anyone has successful used Chamomile on their hair, I’d like to know of it.


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