You are still beautiful Mary Jane
Janie has better moments. She doesn’t spend every single solitary moment in the corner any longer, still, her prognosis is guarded.  I didn’t want to show photos of her lying down looking really bad, but this here shows her clean yet frail and very thin. She just finished sun bathing.

I have some food coming in the mail that will help her put on some weight, especially since I’ll mix it with other things. Her meals will be super packed with vitamins and all the enzymes she needs for a chance to pull through.

When I talked to Dr. D about end of life care for Mary Jane, he was surprised to find out that MJ will not have any invasive surgeries or treatments. If she was 10 years old that would be different, but she’s 16 and I don’t believe it is within her best interest to put her through that at this age. Our focus is to keep her from dropping any more weight and keep her food high quality. I will continue to do everything that is reasonable and with the best interest of my baby, who is 84 in human years. She has not been dx with cancer. I just used that as an example of having laid out a care plan for a cat that is up in years. 

Getting Janie what she needs and to take her for check ups will cost money. I trust that she and I will have what we need when we need it.

To assist in caring for Janie, I’m going to forgo purchasing a wine making kit or any art supplies. I’ll focus on Jane. The monetary cost may be high. I may rob Peter to pay Paul, but she will see her vet when needed, and she will be cared for like the furry queen she is. Mary Jane owns my heart, and for good reason.

I’m not looking for free donations.

I’ll continue to make dolls and I promise myself I will scan art work.  I won’t have a sale with a code to punch in like I’ve done in the past. I’m just going to drop prices on several items to encourage sales.  I can’t say it enough about my bartering provision. You choose a product on my Amazon wish list. You choose art that is equal or slightly above the cost of the wish list item. We make our agreement. You pay for the Amazon item and send it to me. I send your art work. It’s as simple as that. The revised wish list items are in order of importance. Contact info and shop links are on the sidebar. Available Art galleries are on the top menu bar. Lets do some trading / bartering.  The revised list includes food grade Diatomaceous and Activated Charcoal Powder to effectively detox and free my girl of radicals.

I will begin to drop prices on my art work in my Etsy shop as early as Saturday afternoon. Prices will remain lower until Jane recovers or passes away. Next Tuesday I will purchase the glass hanging sphere ornament from Hobby Lobby so I can get her terrarium started. The moss for it is rich, and emerald.


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