I have a commission that I’m doing for a friend. It sounded fun when she brought it up but I was also apprehensive because I don’t do commission work well. It’s difficult for me to translate onto canvas, a vision that isn’t mine. It’s even difficult for me to duplicate art that I created. If the emotion has already been put on canvas, the chances of me being able to do that work again with life and texture is all but zero. Soooo, I asked my friend if I could have free artistic reign and she said yes. I was like, oh, she has no idea what those magic words mean.

She let me loose in a candy store. She gave me a brush, took me to Hobby Lobby and said, do as you will. (eyes rolling in the back of my head)

Giving me free creative reign could be considered reckless. There was one incident when I was last given the magic words, an incident that we shall not speak of because it’s still in litigation. But just like I told the judge, I didn’t know that stuff was flammable. lol….. I’m kidding.

I will be ever so responsible as I punch out this commission. I’ll take a deep breath, rub my hands together, lick my lips and dive in, using flame retardant materials. Hold on, this is gonna be fun.

I love this person’s art. She’s got a wonderful eye for layering backgrounds. I try to pick up ideas when I visit her blog so I can implement them in my work. Her other craft is awesome as well. I’m impressed and enjoy seeing updates.

My commission work is to make bookmarks for real books with real paper pages. I know, right? Who does that anymore? I have real books, but the world wants to go all digital, making me a dying breed. To make bookmarks for another reader is awesome. I look forward to putting art on smaller canvases. This is a challenge I’m ready to meet.

Let the paint flow.


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