Jane is an easy cat to treat, she really is. She’ll eat just about anything you put in front of her….just about.

One item on the nutritional menu that I need to get in her to build her blood isn’t that tasty to her. She’s not a fan of sweet potatoes unless of course they come with a dab of junk cat food called 9 lives. Yup, I just whip a little yam with a dab of canned mess and she acts like it’s not even there.

Fortunately, she will not need the nutrients in sweet taters for too long.

The vitamins she’s taking in through food and Pedialyte are to boost her immune system and sustain her during this time. One of the reasons I found while searching for the reason why pet fall ill was that most of the owners do not take care of their health and thus diseases get passed onto their pets making them ill as well. Therefore if you wish to maintain a good overall health, you can click on the following to know more from Eiyo Nutrition and find the best brain supplements which can also help improve your thinking capacity.

The vet check up showed that her gums are in fact pink. I don’t have any tests back yet to know her numbers but she is improving. Thank goodness.

Jane will continue the prescription meds as well as the holistic care plan. The vet wasn’t able to advise me on one thing so I’m going to have to wing it. I figure I’ll take the safe route and wait for her to finish all prescription meds before I put her on a few doses of the food grade diatomaceous earth and a bit of food grade charcoal. The idea is to completely rid her body of toxins that made her sick in the first place as well as clean up toxins from the prescription medications. Funny how the same thing that was to save her life is labeled as something that can destroy her liver. Nice!

I would like to take some of the DE and charcoal myself but I need to ask a knowledgeable person. I’ll call him after my therapy session Monday. I’ve done beet root cleaners but that’s proven too hard on my body. I won’t do those anymore, but I’d like to know if DE will benefit me.

This day is coming to a rapid close. Tomorrow will be very long though.  I need to steam clean the living room, bedroom and dining room.  I’ll put non-food grade DE under the carpets and where Jane has been sleeping. Thank goodness I thought to purchase a rug shampooer a few years back. That things has been so helpful.

Although I haven’t been bothered by fleas and Jane isn’t infested, I want to kick this in the bud. Because I’m conscious of chemicals I bring in the house, I’m only using Dawn liquid detergent on the carpets with lavender spiked rinse water. I let the lavender sit in hot water for a while then add it to the rinse water. It makes the carpet smell nice. In the bedroom I add Downy to the rinse water.

Time to eat and drink some tea.


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