I’m tired. It’s been a very long day.

My frog Pete died a few days ago. He was 12 years old. It breaks my heart that he’s gone. The house doesn’t feel right without hearing him call at night. I now have two Chubby Frogs and hope to get a Dumpy Frog (White’s Tree Frog) somewhere down the road but right now I intend to focus on Mary Jane and getting her better. Her fever returned and has been pretty steady. She comes out of her corner a few times a day but always goes back. She keeps trying to find a corner further away, darker, smaller where she can be alone. I feel bad for her. She still fur and bones. She gained a few ounces but she’s still skinny, she looks so bad.

I have lowered prices in my Etsy shop. There’s no sale, no code to punch in, just lowered prices on most items. The price decrease is anywhere from $5 to $50. I’ve lowered prices on most of my items so I can get serious about saving money for Mary Jane’s treatment in her senior years. She’s never cost me much money so I didn’t worry about not having savings specifically for her care, but recent events have shown that I need to have funds available for vet care and medicines. My shop prices reflect the need while giving me a half way decent profit.

The bookmarks I’m making for a good friend are coming alone nicely. 

I have to go to bed now. I’m going to take pain meds, roll up in my blanket and let go. My pain level is rising to a 9. My toes are spasming. I nearly passed out about 30 min ago. My body is spasming, my back and my hair hurt so badly. I have a splitting cluster headache. I’ve considered going to the ER but I’m just going to take a 10 mil Vicodin and lie down. I’m going to just let go, let tears come if need be, talk myself through this, if need be. I have a feeling there will be tears. I feel crushed and maxed, like the air weighs a hundred pounds and its sitting on my shoulders and pressing down on my head. … I could use a good cry, it might help me get myself together enough to clean this dag on house tomorrow.

Lastly, I so hate my landlord. The woman ordered the maintenance man to destroy all bird nests on the property. Instead of dropping them to the ground, he sat them down gently. Oh my gosh I can’t stand her. She cut down a beautiful tree on the property. It cost $400 to remove the tree. She could have pruned it for less. Gracious, I think she lives to add reasons for me to dislike her. The list is long. Evil cow!!!!! She even removed several bushes on the property as well as all of the beautiful flowers we used to have. They’re gone. The owner said not to remove the roses so she just shaved them down almost all the way gone. Really? Really cow, really? Oh, what it must be like to live in the darkness of your puny mind.

Okay, I’m done. I have to finish my tea 🙂 Chamomile Bloom makes everything ok.


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