I’m holding back when it comes to posting art work other than sketchbook art. I don’t know why but I feel so closed up right now and not willing to share the new stuff. I suppose I will again soon.

Janie TimeJane has good days and bad days, today is a good day. She has finished 2 of the three medications. Pets get old, get sick and they die, and that sucks. I have good days and bad days, today is a tired day.

I’ve got another month of dental work coming up that I’m not looking forward to. Also, there’s a lump in my mouth that they need to look at closer. I wanted this dental stuff to be over with but it’s not. I can tell there’s damage to the nerves which has added more pain to my plate. 

I will be discontinuing Abilify with medical guidance from my current General Practitioner. I’m unable to manage to tolerate the cluster headaches that are part of the side effects. Despite weight gain, I wanted to continue with this medication because I feel a difference in my OCD and paranoia for that matter, but I can’t add more physical pain to what I’ve already got. The headaches are unbearable.

Janie Time 2My immune system is very compromised right now. I’ve got an infection in my blood stream. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to Mary Jane. I knew that a long time ago, but my allergy to her has gotten worse. I’m allergic to all cats and all cat nail scratches. I’ll be on steroids to fight this off. No way on earth is Mary Jane going to be rehomed. She’s with me to the last; however, I won’t get another cat after her. Before I got her, she was an indoor / outdoor cat which is a terrible idea in the city or suburbs. There’s too much for them to get into. Whatever is under her nails that my body can’t handle, was picked up outside. I am not allergic to her licking my face, it’s her front and back nails that are a problem. I wear long sleeves when I hold her now.

The photos added is a selfie from Janie time the other night. I’ve worried that I don’t spend enough quality time with her anymore. I’d been sick and felt like she was neglected. I’ve added Janie time to tea time each evening. She’s such a sweety…and a butt head. She’s back to getting in trouble and being called Janie and Dadblastit Janie, which tells me she’s on the mend. Last night I heard my first yowl in who knows how long. She was killing her catnip mouse.

It was good to hear yowling mixed in with bull frog calls. lol. My critter family adds joy to my life, they really do. I miss Pete’s voice in the mix but I’ve decided against getting another African Clawed Frog. No Pete Jr or Re-Pete in the foreseeable future but there is plenty of beauty down the road, I’m sure of it.



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