I have questions. I wonder why North Korea has to be wiped off the map, completely annihilated. Is it an all or nothing situation? How will a deployed nuclear weapon affect the rest of the world? What is the clean up effort after or do you intend to just leave the land and water around it abandoned and destroyed?

Why is NK so dead set on upsetting the West? Why is Trump so willing to kill off an entire nation just to show his ‘military might’? Why is it okay for racial rhetoric to continue? Why is Trump allowed to provoke NK, insult other countries and basically have a temper tantrum all over the map? Is it about money? If that’s the case, I’m sure we could crowed fund to ease the greed.

I’m not afraid. I’m disgusted, and 100% certain that the earth will NOT be destroyed or crippled by nuclear destruction or destruction of any other kind. It will not happen, however, I am curious as to why ‘total and complete annihilation’ is the immediate go-to-tactic of the President of the United States? He seems to have a problem with balance.

From this moment forward, I will not watch shows or programs that feature terrorism being strong armed by elite military forces. I will not watch documentaries about refugees and crime or about ‘illegal aliens’ destroying the country. I recognize the plague of terrorism, but I also recognize propaganda and wish to avoid it.


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2 thoughts on “Questions About War

    1. Girl!!! I just sigh and wait…..
      I hate when there’s no division made between rulers and their people. Kim Jung-un isn’t the only person who would die over there if the dictator over here were to bomb them off the map. Is Kim crazy? No debate. The man is gone, his mental health package never arrived. Trump is just as crazy and just as narrow minded and just as willing to see every last person in a given area as his enemy.
      One thing I hate about TV is how manipulative it is. I hate hearing that NK is my enemy. I hate hearing how the Russians are my enemy. No, no they’re not. The NK govt has serious issues. The Russian govt has serious, serious issue. The citizens of those countries are not the same as their govt the same as we here aren’t the same as the govt. I flinch every time I hear someone say the Russians are out enemies because its too inclusive. We know what these two govt have done. We also know what other govts have done…but again, govts aren’t their people, they rarely reflect the collective thought of those over whom they rule.

      I just shake my head…just shake my head.

      It’s hard not to look at the news. I don’t get as mad as I used to though, I guess because it’s hard to be shocked by Trump now. What makes me upset is the fact that he is allowed to do what he wants to do. The people who allow him to continue his terror are as guilty as Trump himself.

      The only thing I know that is sure to make me scream is seeing crap about how Trump is a dang on prophet. Girl!!! Stop the delusions now. Take medicine! Drink. I don’t care what you have to do to see the light. The man is greedy, small minded and criminally narcissistic. Those are not the qualities of a prophet, they’re the characteristics of most politicians. …. do not get me started on the Prophet Trump or how people say he is the hope for peace on earth. I will scream. I willlll scream, again….

      Just to note. I overused the exclamation point way, way before Trump.

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