I finished her! Yay!
She looks a lot different from the last post. What a difference a few hours can make.
The Little More Girl - available

The Little More Girl has more hope and more ways to grow than she ever realized.

I think part of my happy clap is the frog green dress she’s wearing. I also do a happy clap for pink and purple. Add all three and I’m thrilled to bits.

I like that her head is straight up and eyes are looking out to the future. As young as she is, she’s confident and ready to leap.

Art details: The hopeful child’s eyes are bright. She wears white star earrings. Her natural hair is piled high and have pink pearls through out. Her sienna colored skin contrasts well with her emerald green and frog green dress. The chubby face little girl with chubby cheeks sits in front of a background of blue, purple and dots of yellow.

Title: “The Little More Girl”
Art by: Faith-Magdalene Austin
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches
Media: Watercolor, colored pencil, paper,
Finish: Heat sealed, unmounted
Style: Whimsical, Illustration

“The Little More Girl” is now available in my Etsy shop. You may also take her home by using PayPal. Please see the sidebar and footer for contract information.


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