I noticed there are new journal entries from blogs I read. I’ll be over there soon.

I made turmeric and ginger chocolate bars which I thought wouldn’t be that good but as it turns out, they are. Today I purchased Cacao powder so I can make some more. If you like golden milk, you’ll like the addition of chocolate. It’s not hard to make the leap to a small chocolate square spiced up. The Cacao powder is for more than just spicy candy squares or truffles. I want the other things it’s good for. I try to take in a variety of vitamins, minerals and valuable combinations to help with my physical and mental health.

I got wonderful news from the doctor today. I’m down by 10 more pounds. I gave up ice cream. I stopped cold. lol. I had to. I can put away ice cream. That’s been the main life and dietary upgrade as of late. My friend Betty knows full well I gave it up, yet she showed up with chocolate dipped ice cream cones today. Pathetic. I refused them. Pathetic and childish is what that was. I’m down 20 pounds in 4 months. Thank goodness. Life upgrades are what I’m making. Some of those upgrades are minor adjustments while others are exclusions. I’m not the type of person who can eat ice cream with moderation.

I am not nearly as angry as I was yesterday or the day before. There was a bit of soul searching and self talk that needed to be done. I got called useless and that didn’t go over well. I had to process it. I had to process my sister’s state of mind and her willingness to allow others to watch her kill herself. I had to strengthen the emotional boundary between her and me. I know that wall / boundary will take direct hits from time to time. A direct hit hurts but it doesn’t knock down the barrier or the reason for it.

Tonight I visit Malawi via an easy recipe found on Travel By Stove blog. I’ve been planning Nkhuku Ya Sabola for a bit but it got put to the side….until tonight. I don’t have tea grown in Malawi but man would that be something. I have to find a source for that. Tonight I’ll have black tea, then wine later.

Mary Jane is steadily gaining weight. She isn’t so sluggish when it’s cooler in the house. She’s up and about. She’s playing, but she’s got far to go to recover fully. Yesterday during Jane Time she allowed me to brush her teeth, brush her and clean her ears. She’s back to staying in the room with me. She’s back to playing at night. She’s no longer on prescription meds so we’ll change over to the supplements.

Last but not least, my Dumpy Frog / Australian Tree Frog will be here Friday. The Chubby Frogs are doing wonderfully. I really like them. Fun, fun, fun. I have to think of a name that starts with the letter C. I have Charlie and Cheesy. If the Dumpy has a C name then I’ll have Mary Jane and the 3C’s. So yeah, the new frog has to have a name that starts with the letter C. I like the Dumpy frog bc I can take him out and hold him.


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3 thoughts on “Calmer. Doctor Appointment. Frogs.

    1. I think I’m going to skip on that name. lol. lol. lol. I’m leaning towards something like Carmine. 🙂
      Yeah. I have an ice cream DNA strand, I just know it. To not eat ice cream is to go against my nature. It’s painful but when I see the progress i’m happy. My bubble will burst when I’m back on steroids.

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