Flower power, lace draped, art strong, frog croaking wonderland

For the last year I’ve battled with the idea of moving. I did make a decision on it. I’m staying put for now. The only way I want to move is if the apartment with all the pluses comes open for me. I’m not stupid, I wouldn’t pass up that opportunity, however, moving somewhere else isn’t in my best interest at this time.

When I say I’m staying put it means I have to accept a few things; abject poverty and Boil the Bunny landlord. I can do that. I’ve had as little contact with Boil the Bunny  Landlord as possible. Even though I didn’t take a vow of poverty, I believe it made a vow to me.

I know it’s difficult here financially but it’s my home and I love it. I know my friends have worried about me financially I had to tell them I am not seeking other accommodations. I do not want to move. I know the stairs often keep me captive and its financially hard here, but I am grounded. I am settled and feel a measure of peace in my home, my home

My needs are usually covered. I manage from sales that trickle in and unexpected things that pop up. The good thing is, I don’t require a lot. Dr. D and I talked about this but then the question came up, what would I do if I paid less rent and had more cash on hand? At first I didn’t have an answer but then I thought, well, I’d take a watercolor art class. I’d have better frog equipment and plastic buckets used in wine making 🙂 instead of exploding glass jars. I’d take a sewing class and have someone help me understand how to use a pattern. Creative classes, pets and wine is where the bulk of extra money would go. While those things may be in my future, I am content without them in my present.

I knew I had to tell the two closest people to me to stop talking about moving. They say, I don’t know how you make it there. I don’t know how you do it. Well, I it gets done. It’s been more than 4 years since I took over my friend’s son’s apartment. I’ve turned it from a bachelor pad with a keg in the living room next to the lazy boy sofa and an American flag to a flower power, lace draped, art strong, frog croaking wonderland. This chick ain’t goin’ nowhere till her number is called for the other apartment. Then that apartment will be decorated to reflect all the things that make me happy.

In the near future I’m going to downsize my art supplies and do a complete overhaul of that area. I can’t live with how it looks over there. Also, I’m going to downsize the variety of plants I have at home. I’m going to keep the philodendron and Jade plants but I’m not going to try to get too far into other plants except for around spring when I’ll do indoor gardening for veggies and such. I have the space and lighting for plants but not the stamina.

I have to find a few areas where I can save money. I have a few ideas in mind. One might think, how can I simplify even more when I don’t have much? I can think of a few ways that money can be allocated differently in my case. Soooo, that’s the decision.

If you’ll excuse me please. I have to go head bunt the cat then snuggle with a book.


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