I am sad to say that there’s been a turn of events with my Mary Jane. Her kidney’s aren’t doing well, she’s not doing well. It could be just a few days. We simply could not keep that infection under control. Her fever will not subside and stay gone. We have done everything we possibly can do, including selling some of my porcelain dolls. I wouldn’t bat an eye before doing it again if it would help. It appears the road we’re on isn’t one we’re going to win. I wonder how on earth she will understand just what she means to me and what powerful affect she’s had on me?

I’m going to leave her here this evening while I go to services. She’ll be in her little dog size crate while I’m gone. One might wonder why I don’t stay home with her. I’m not staying home with her tonight because I have to go get the strength to manage this very fast yet anticipated turn.

There aren’t enough pharmaceuticals in the world to help me through watching my little one slip away. I’ll return in a few short hours having taken in the best medicine possible; my faith. I’m going to see my therapist Friday, picking up a frog and coming right back home. From then, I’ll be here a full week without leaving but these two things do need to be done. I need to go services and I need to see my therapist.

Right now I need a cup of tea and a little silence as I sit beside my girl.

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5 thoughts on “Mary Jane – In Renal Failure

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, bless her little heart. I understand why you need to go out and rejuvenate your spirits and deepen your faith so that you can face the inevitable. I pray you will be given strength for what you will soon be facing.

  2. I am so very sorry. Even though she’s been sick it still comes as a shock. I know she means a whole lot to you. I am thinking about you and Mary Jane and praying there won’t be pain.

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