March 1, 2001 – September 30, 2017
Mary Jane passed quietly this morning.  She was such a good girl.

Mary Jane AustinI could not have asked for a better feline companion

Janie and I spent twelve years together. She was tolerant of most things and up for anything. What a great personality.

The first year together was difficult because we had to break each other in. She was used to going outside but with me she had to stay inside. At first that was hard for her, and me, so I’d give in and let her out because she’d yowl and yowl until I couldn’t take it anymore. Eventually she stayed inside and has been an inside cat ever since. 

The day I fell in love with Mary Jane was one of the days she was outside and didn’t come when I called her. I was anxious and afraid she’d been hit by a car or taken by the coyote seen in the area. It got dark and still no Jane. It started to rain but still no Mary Jane. I stood in the door and called her name then went on the porch and called her name again. I heard almost a squeaking sound coming from around the house and there she was, soaked to the bone, looking like a drowned rat. I was so relieved to see her. I picked her up and held her close. She was in my arms, safe, and I wasn’t going to let her go. That’s the moment I fell in love with her, the moment she took my heart and didn’t let go. It was also the very last time she was allowed outside.

Loving her despite knowing I’d eventually lose her was well worth the risk. I think with each pet I have, I learn something new and love the next even more. What love I had for Jane will eventually be passed to another furry friend, but for now I’ll let it sink in that my girl has died.

I’ll get to Hobby Lobby for a sphere terrarium for Jane. I’ll do a small shadow box memorial for her and I will retire her tags. I’ll hold close my memories of her as well as the brilliance she brought here. She also brought comedy and mayhem. She was the best, just the best.


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4 thoughts on “Mary Jane Austin

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Mary Jane. I know that she was a dear friend and companion. Thank you for sharing about her. It gave us a glimpse into what a gem she is.

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