A frog named Chandler and the cat that won my heart

I got the frog and brought it home. It already had a name before he even got here. The name is Chandler Pickle. As it turns out, Chandler is a girl but, who knew? The guy at Petco says I should change her name but honestly, it’s even funnier to say the frog’s name is Chandler and that it happens to be a girl. I mean really, if she has a problem with her name she’ll have to change it when she grows up, just like I did. I’m sure some fat bull frog lawyer with several lily pads and his own pond will take on her case. Until such a time, her name is Chandler which I can’t say without laughing, which is the point. I wanted the frog to have a silly name.

I got the name Chandler from the rather uncoordinated character from Friends that I liked so much. I thought it was great that he got together with Monica but really, a pop culture flashback isn’t the point of this entry. The point is, I have a frog that doesn’t mind being held, is keeping me company and makes me smile.

I’m not going to lie. I love that a girl with a male name annoys my friend Betty.

Yesterday was difficult, of course. It got harder last night when I kept thinking I heard Mary Jane meowing. That was sad. I expect thing like that to happen. Also, I put little dry roses on the coffee table then thought better of it because Jane might get in them. Then I dropped an ice cube, which left a small wet spot and I thought, Jane is gonna be surprised when she steps in that little cold spot.

I found a family in need from my Hall that will take 10 pounds of dry food that Jane had left. I’ve still got her toys. I can’t let them go yet. I wore her little pink collar as a bracelet for most of yesterday.

I look over to the lazy boy but MJ isn’t there.  It’s automatic. I look over and expect her to be all curled up. Gracious. All the little things seem so lonely now. I can put flowers on the coffee table now but I’d rather have my girl. I forget she’s not here so quickly. I might have a ‘lazy boy’ moment one minute but the very next minute I think, I’d better close the window. It’s getting chilly, Janie might get too cold. It’s a different home without her.

There’s a lot to clean up. I’ve got a lot to do today but I really just want to paint and eat pizza and pretend this isn’t happening, the only thing I need to worry about is getting Chandler through the next few weeks without something happening to him. I need to trust that he won’t die, that we’ll get to know one another better. Chandler Ann’s life expectancy is 16+ years. My aquatic frog’s lived for twelve each.

Reading on the sofa for the first time without my girl is going to be very difficult.

I feel like I’m taking this better than expected but then again, it’s only been a day.

I’m done talking.


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