I got a call from a medical supply company saying I don’t have the right kind of pain for my insurance to cover TENS unit pads.

I laughed. She said, “I can hear the anger in your voice.” I said, “As we speak, my shoulder muscle is so tight that my pain level is rising higher than I can stand.” She said, “If it were up to me I’d sell you a TENS unit on your insurance, but it’s not up to me. You don’t have the right kind of pain” I said, “Please read to me the dx on my chart.” She read off 5 major illnesses. I said, “Tell me please, what kind of pain am I missing?” She said, “Neck pain.” I must have neck pain for 3 months before my insurance will pay for the pads that make my TENS units work. I mentioned the current problem, the DJD, the herniated disks I’ve been dealing with for two years now. Of course I have neck pain, but that’s not listed as ‘a major event’. A major even?

So what kind of pain will my insurance pay out for? Not back pain, not sciatica or neuropathy. Cervical Degenerative Disk Disease isn’t enough, neither is CRSD. I asked why, she said, “The government doesn’t believe the TENS unit is effective for the pain you have.” ……… Let me be the judge of that. I sleep with a baseball under my shoulder to compress a nerve so I can feel my right hand.

Again she said, “I can hear the anger in your voice.” I said, “Yes, it’s there. I am angry, but I’m not without resources. If I need TENS pads I’ll get them. I’ll get what I need.” She said, “Amazon? They’re going to put everyone out of business.” I said, “Amazon didn’t tell the government I don’t have the right kind of pain. I assure you, my needs will always be met no matter the opposition.” She kept asking how. I said, “I trust my Creator.” She said nothing. I thanked her for calling and assured her my irritation wasn’t towards her.

I ended the call irritated yet confident that something will give and my pain will be less. It’ll be less, long enough for me to recharge emotionally. I’ll wait for it, sometimes patiently, sometimes anxiously. After all, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve been gored before.


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2 thoughts on “Not the right kind of pain

  1. well that just sucks. Wtf do they think you should do? Suffer and not turn to Amazon? The hoops the governmanet and insurance agencies want people to jump through is ridiculous and angering.

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