Now and for the long haul of disaster recovery

One thing that’s been on my mind is getting the last item for my disaster readiness bag aka “go bag”. I have yet to include beef jerky, but other than that, my “go bag” is complete.

In an entry called Emergency Kit and Chronic Illness, I talked about the importance of documents that aren’t stored on a device. I think those without power would agree that medical documents and phone numbers on a device with a dead battery is essentially useless. What I accidentally discovered is that I can store items inside empty medicine bottles because they’re waterproof. I thought about what other items are waterproof and came up with a short list:  old Tupperware, a tall coffee cup with an auto-lock, no spill lid or an old coffee thermos. Papers inside these items would be dry and safe. 

I had to add comfort, too. In addition to tea, I added colored pencils and a few extra ball point pens. I added a small, lined notebook and a small drawing pad that fit in one little pocket. I didn’t want to over stuff my “go bag” because I have to carry the thing, thus ‘go’ and bag.

I’m going to the store next Tuesday and will pick up beef jerky. I have other non-perishable items that fit my needs such as peanut butter, a small container of honey and chocolate. Yup, added chocolate. Why wouldn’t I? I have peppermint in there too, had to have that. There’s a small teddy bear that smells of lavender and a little tiny yellow duck toy that fits in the palm of my hand. I made sure I’d have what is needed to keep my head on straight during an emergency evacuation.

For a list of items to add to your “go bag” and to your emergency kit at home, please see the page called Build A Kit. It’s important to have one for evacuation purposes and one for a situation where you are at home with no power.

My thoughts and prayers are with those in storm torn areas across the globe. It is also important for me to offer my tiny financial assistance to legitimate relief efforts or directly to individuals I personally know who have been affected by natural disasters.

I know it will take a very long time to recover from these storms. If there’s one thing I have it’s time, and I’m using it wisely. I’ve been making small dolls and other items to give for free to legitimate organizations with hands on relief efforts in United States territories. The only reason I say US territories is because I am unable to bear the cost of international shipping. My apologies. However, what I am able to do is prepare small items and small dolls to assist young and old, male and female for the long, emotional process of disaster recovery.

Again with finances, just think of what we could do if we offered one dollar a month to support the long haul of recovery. Even people flat broke can help with one dollar a month. How can you come up with the extra cash? I had to ask myself that question. I’m sitting here stressing big time over a light bill I can’t pay and outstanding vet bills, but I know there are ways to come up with $1 a month to give for relief efforts. I thought of this:

  • Instead of getting a coke at the dollar menu at a fast food restaurant, I can give that dollar to a legitimate relief organization.
  • Instead of spending a few bucks on a new scarf at Goodwill, I can put that $2 into helping my neighbors world wide.
  • Adjust spending habits.There are all sorts of ways I nickel and dime myself through the month. Perhaps its time I adjust where those nickles and dimes go.

Just one buck is all it takes to add to the other $1 pledges. One dollar a month will add up to rebuilding lives. I can afford it.

Be ready. Be safe. Give.


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