I’ve been reading about staying positive which can be difficult for me. One of the things I’ve been trying to remember is that even with my health issues, I’ve not lost everything. I made a short list of things I’ve learned to do while in bed and while pacing at home. The reason I learned these things is that it’s difficult to sit. It’s painful so I end up  lying down or I keep moving while I’m up. Standing still doesn’t go well for me but as long as I keep moving I’m okay. So, here is my photo for the 17th of this month and my list of things I can still do:

  1. Complain. I can do that in whatever position I find myself in. I complain in English and American Sign Language. I’m currently learning French, which isn’t killing me this time around.
  2. Paint. I can paint and draw while lying down. I’ve covered my bed so as not to ruin my mattress. It was my greatest concern that I wouldn’t be able to paint because of needing to lie down so much.
  3. I can sew while lying down. This was a welcome surprise. I have to be a little more prepared but it is still possible. I just finished and adopted out two dolls and I’ve started on a custom order doll today.
  4. I can study and take notes in bed or on the sofa as long as I have my tablet and supplies with me. I can read and pace at the same time which I do quite often.
  5. I can produce hand written letters of encouragement to others while in bed. It’s important to always reach out.
  6. I can still receive visitors if I’m on the sofa.
  7. I stand while making tea but I have a no spill cup that allows me to drink tea in bed. Yup, gotta have that tea no matter what.
  8. I can enjoy the sunshine on my face from the comfort of my bed. I can see the sky and hear the birds and ducks.
  9. My smile isn’t broken because I’m lying down. I still have a sense of humor.
  10. Possibilities. Options. Hope.

I’ve continued to take a photo the 17th of each month for the last few years. This month I’m in my normal position, laying down on the sofa. The photos help me have a more balanced view of myself. I know how I think I look but reality is sometimes different from emotion, especially when emotion is fueled by lowered self esteem.

Prednisone is a horrible, horrible drug that makes me fat and evil. My fuse is short when I’m on steroids.

Anyway….I have given wine making another try but this time the glass carboy is inside a 5 gallon plastic bucket and has an airlock on it. I started this batch the 15th of the month. So far so good. I’m also going to give homemade ginger ale a try but that will wait a few weeks because all I have right now is my dehydrated ginger.

The ginger plants and lemongrass plants are still doing well under their lights. They look really good. I should have a nice crop of ginger. I harvested some of the lemongrass and will swap it for fresh mint that a friend will bring later this evening.

I took photos of Chandler, too. He calls each evening which means its a male. A female Australian Tree frog will only call back to a male, she won’t call first. My frog calls first. So I’m sticking with Chandler and dropping the Annie part. Oh and he’s getting bigger. He’s up to 4.25 inches now and eats like a pig. I want a girl too but I can’t imagine two of these things here. Chandler is loud!  If he gets a girlfriend he’ll be obnoxious. A second Australian Tree Frog aka Dumpy Frog isn’t in the play book at this time.

The Chubby frogs are still wonderful. I so love watching my 3 C’s: Charlie, Cheesy and Chandler.

The fry are doing well as are their fishy parents.

If I’m lucky, I’ll make it to the park tomorrow to get some snails. Gotta get some of those.


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2 thoughts on “What I can still do

  1. I like this post, it reminds me of the Things That Pleased Me Recently posts I used to do on my blog. There is always something we can find to be grateful for. The more struggles I have physically and emotionally the more I appreciate the simple things. I like the thought of you in bed with your no-spill cup of tea. Complaining in different languages? I love it. For me it would be English and Pig-Latin. (Why the heck is it called that, anyway?)

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