Clydesdale is here to live. Let us hope all goes as well as it is now.

Clydesdale Austin
Clydesdale Austin aka Clyde

Clydesdale Austin is a beautiful, solid, well behaved, shy boy. I’m hoping beyond hope this goes as well as I think it will. Just look at that nose, it all but forms the shape of a heart.

Clyde has been very, very well taken care of. He’s healthy and strong. We’ve taken our second walk of the day and he did very, very well.

Sir Clyde came with all his stuff, his bed and pillow, huge, huge dog crate ($$$$$) and an easy lead. This will be good. I have positive feelings about this.

I have to sleep first but when I wake I’ll work again on his first pillow. The pillow will be spiked with chamomile to help ease anxiety during this transition. The other little pillow will have Valerian root and catnip which will assist with anxiety. For the first month, I will keep him on the Prozac. I want to give him time to adjust before he makes the second big change of his six-year-old life. I’m his second owner which is good. Most dogs now days get passed around quite a bit before (if) they find a fur ever home.

I really, really want this to work and will do everything I can to make it work. He’s using temp bowls until Tuesday when I’ll go to Dollar Tree and pick up some heavy duty ones they have. They’re the hard plastic ones that cost way too much at Wal-Mart. Dollar Tree carries them on a regular basis and in the correct size for 60 lb Clyde.

Until soon,

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