I struggle with the idea of covering up the best words ever written with my art but I love the ideas I see on Pinterest.

I think adding art representing a specific scripture is a good way to mediate on that scripture. For instance, when the Bible talks about showing hospitality, I can think of examples in the Bible where different forms of hospitality were displayed. Then I can then think of ways in my life where I can reach out to others. I don’t have to serve food or entertain, I can show hospitality by being courteous to others, generous with my time and receptive of new people that come into my life. All these things can be meditated on, processed in my head, while painting out the scripture.

And yet I still struggle with the idea of painting over these words. lol ah, it feels weird, not blasphemous but just weird. I think I’ll end up printing off pages at Kinkos if they’ll allow it. At least I’ll be able to print it on thicker paper. I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do but I’d really like to try this as a 2018 creative goal.

I was given a second idea for next year’s art goals. There’s a wonderful artist on Flickr that drew or painted a tree every day for a year as part of her healing from cancer. I’d like to accept that inspiration and challenge.

I’m still sewing small dolls and bears for disaster survivors in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This may take up the last 2018 art goal as it is a large project. We’ll see though.

Getting the dolls to these locations may require funds which means there will be many sales in my Etsy shop next year. I’ve got to get a better teddy bear pattern than I’ve got. My pattern isn’t correct and I struggle with it, even so, I’ve completed one bear and two dolls for disaster survivors drive.

I’ve also stuck to my promise of giving a little each month to a legitimate disaster relief efforts. I’m giving to organizations who put ‘boots on the ground’ to assist individuals until the job is done. I give to organizations who will stay for the long haul of recovery, especially when there are threats of pulling large scale government assistance from devastated areas and people.


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