She nixed the Gabapentin and Cyclobenzaprine which no longer work for me and exchanged them for Lyrica and Zanaflex. I’m already on Cymbalta with Abilify. This is a combination I’ve not had before, one I really need to give some relief. I’d take a level pain 7 with no questions asked. If they could just get me to a 7. I know there are a few moderate potential problems with this mix but being in pain makes me willing to take the risk. I’m monitored very carefully.

I said this wasn’t the doctor for me but we’ll see. The first two appointments with her weren’t promising but it’s gotten better. She was pleased to see that I’ve lost 23 lbs since August. She was pleased to know I got Clyde and that we’re walking daily. Today has been harder than usual because my left knee is swollen, so our walks aren’t as far away from the house. We walk the courtyard several times which is a good leg stretch for us both.

Today Clyde touched me right to the heart with comfort that he gave. He likes to be close and touching me. While I was sitting on the bed sewing he got up behind me and put all his weight against my back stayed there as I sewed. He was touching inflamed pressure points which helped relieve them. For him to be able to assist with my back and my legs is a gift that touches me deeply. Besides, touch isn’t something someone like me gets a lot of. It hurts to touch me, as my doctor found out today. She touched my shoulder and pressed on a pressure point. I nearly passed out. I was light headed and my pain level shot to a 9. It took several minutes and an anxiety attack to get myself together. She left the room to give me space, which was helpful. I washed my hands and put just a little water on my face and did some deep breathing. I was able to get my anxiety over the pain under control.

While I don’t ever wish to have a level 9 pain, if it was to happen at all it should happen when she sees just how little touch it takes to make me shake in pain and lose myself. I kept dissociating. I tried to concentrate and calm myself but the pain was terrible. My entire body registered pain simply because she added light pressure to a knot in my pectoral muscle. At least she got to see that it doesn’t take much for CRSD to rear its ugly head!

Now I’m home and ready to take the new muscle relaxer Zanaflex and go to sleep. I went to the store so I have to put stuff up but we can forget trying to put food on my stomach, sleep is what I need. Clyde is already snoring in my spot on the bed. lol.


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