She said she’d start me out on 4 mg 3x a day and that we’d mix it with Lyrica and Cymbalta. She said it would be okay. It’ll make you sleep, she said.  Oh my Lord, this isn’t sleepy, this is comatose…insane ….. and yet it is better than fire and pain with spasms.

I’ve tried to back off 4 mg to 2 mg but there’s an intolerable rise in pain. I’m either comatose or in pain. Is there a happy medium? I’d take a level 6 or 7 pain if I can function, stay awake, clean my house, not drown while washing my hair cause I fell asleep in the shower.

Oh, yeah, one improvement has been less anxiety. That was off the charts for a bit, but there’s significantly less anxiety right now. Zanaflex has helped with cluster headaches and spasms the way no other medication has, but I’m drugged beyond functioning.

I have a dadblasted cold. Dang it. I’m not a big baby all the time. My nose is running, heads all stopped up. No fever, thank goodness. Time for more honey and lemon. I won’t be going in to see Dr. D tomorrow because of feeling like death warmed over.


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