She had a wide range of peculiarities but one constant; her mouth was always wide open.

Mouth Wide OpenHer violence frightened me as a child. The fact that she’s still alive makes me a bit uncomfortable.

The woman with the split earlobe laughed loudly, sang loudly, slapped you on the back while laughing and did everything over the top. It wasn’t mental illness, it was plain madness. 

Her doctorate, successful business life, multi decade marriage and home keeping are testament to her ability to function in society and appear normal despite her abnormal and violent past. It is violence witnessed upon children that keeps me from caring that she calls herself an overcomer. It’s hard to see anything but the brutality, hard to feel anything other than thick air around her that taunted you with what she could do if her attention found you.

blue girl It is hard to feel anything other than contempt for a woman I witnessed burn her children, beat her children, allow them to be abused by others then abandon them to move out of state.

She says, like everyone else, there’s a past she’s overcome. Let her be an overcomer. Let her have a past, but for those she’s hurt, she’s still a woman with a loud mouth who is left of sane.


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