Entry Content: In some areas the dream was funny, strange and then ended violently. There is some sexual conversation, no abuse of children. Violent stabbing deaths. Mention of self injury.

Dream: I was standing in line in a food court with two restaurants serving my favorite food on both sides, but I was in a different line for a free hamburger. I stood in a very long line for what felt like forever. Finally I was at the front and ready for my order when a family of four walked right up to the front and began placing an order. I explained I’d been there and politely went on ordering but they kept talking to me. The family was so nice and talkative that I didn’t realize while they talked to me, more family members arrived and ordered their meal for 15 people right under my nose. For my inconvenience, and much to my delight, the company gave me a free 13 inch sweet potato pie with my hamburger.

As I waited for the pie a woman behind me began talking to me, she said, “I have a problem with masturbation.” It turns out, even in dreams I’m sarcastic. I said, “Well, look at your clothes, you’re probably turning yourself on. If I had hip hugger pants hugging me all the time I might be aroused. Your blouse is so tight it’s groping you.” The lady thanked me for my opinion but said she disagreed. She left instead of ordering.

The pie was huge and heavy, hard to carry, so an employee offered to assist me with it back to my apartment which was only a few blocks away. We talked while walking and I thought he was a typical modern guy with ideals that don’t match mine. He was, however, polite and therefore enjoyable to talk to. As we reached my door I thanked him and he turned to leave.

Inside the apartment I noticed I couldn’t close my door. It went two inches before closing but no further. I pressed and pressed until it touched the lock but the lock wouldn’t work. As I struggled I heard a commotion in another apartment. I heard a door slam and a man enter the hallway. The man began to violently stab the kind employee who walked me home.  He screamed again and again, guttural screams, terrible screams. It was clearly a frenzied and violent attack. I knew there was nothing I could do. I tried again to lock my door but it wouldn’t even close, so I went in the closet and hid, but that door wouldn’t close either, and the light wouldn’t turn off. I was completely exposed.

As I stood holding my breath, a man kicked the door and came inside. He walked past the closet but didn’t see me holding my breath behind the door, but he came back to check and there I was. He was angry I hid from him and told me, “I should bore your eyes out for hiding from me.” I responded, “That would be terrible.” He shoved the knife into my stomach. I woke with a gasp.


I’ve processed the dream here.

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