I had a dream that I had two roommates in a house where students rented rooms. I was a renter as well. I had permission to decorate the living room which I did with plants and art. Then some other student came in and completely rearranged the living room using my plants and my art.

He moved it all around the way he wanted it. I got in his face and yelled at him bc he wasn’t listening to reason. I tried to purposely offend him by calling him out of his name but nothing worked. No one would tell him to stop. It didn’t matter that he was the newest roommate, he could do what he wanted to do.

I decided I’d take all the art and plants to my room and decorate that way instead of allow someone else to dictate the placement of my belongings.

I know why I had this dream. My landlord is the student. She is the most destructive, nasty human being I know. It’s not enough she ripped up every, single flower we had on the property. She removed flowering trees, bushes that produce color and just about anything pretty. The owner said she can’t remove the rose bushes so she shaved them down to almost nothing. She’s in the process of purposely killing them.

She has free reign to destroy this place and I don’t know why. One thing I can do is concentrate on decorating my own home with plenty of plants and art. These things can’t be raped away by a self centered, me first, racist, idiotic minion who I despise as a human being. I wonder when someone will catch on that she no longer wants to rent to “Arabs” or “Mexicans”?

Taking out our plants and only needing the grass cut means she doesn’t have to deal as much with the “Mexicans” who do the grounds.

I despise her for various unstated reasons but I don’t hate her. When you hate a person based on race, creed, gender, etc, you can justify treating them like a lesser one. I can’t justify hurting my landlord in any shape or form, not physically or verbally.

Hatred leads to harm. If you don’t like black people and see us as a threat and lesser than yourself then you can justify the use of harmful words and justify attacks on us. If you believe a religion is all bad and that if you look like you might belong to that religion then you’re bad too, then you will justify drastic measures with racist motives. Basically, hatred and racism opens the door to harming others. There’s no way around that truth.

When it comes to my landlord, I remove myself from her path of hatred and negative destruction. Anyone who destroys birds nests or cuts down flowering trees because of nesting birds is a nasty person. She has zero respect for nature and life. She has zero respect for others. It’s all about her which means it’s best to stay away from her.

I will continue to decorate my home with beautiful living things while she sterilizes the life out of the property.


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