See VolumesI’m hesitant to publish work like this because of the dark lines and how packed it is, full of images, but it represents my head in an accurate way. It shows the full, always thinking, always moving, nearly manic thought processes inside my head. Why would I hesitate to post that type of truth in art but feel free to do so in words? I don’t fear any kind of judgement with words I use. I don’t expect anyone to tell me to lighten up or make my words pretty, but I can’t seem to forget those who have told me to do that with my art.

Posting it is a way of shutting up the negativity in my head. I like this piece. I like the activity in it. I like the color against the black. I like the twists in it. I like the orange and I like the hidden people at the top, on the left side and at the bottom. I’m posting it and my head can just shut up about it!

Title: See Volumes
size 7 x 4
Acrylic and ink on cardstock

The ever moving, full color throttle art isn’t over because my head remains cluttered. When life changes, my art changes. I should not apologize even to myself for that.

In positive art news, I’m still finishing art projects that need a little this or a little that. I’ve got a stack to work on but I’ve completed 10 pieces now. I’m proud of that.


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