Clyde is needy, so am I. He too jumps at the slightest noise.  Even though he’s anxious, he’s protective of me.

He knows what it means when alarms go off 4 times a day. Two of those times he’s going to eat, which he loves to do.

He’s such a good boy, gentle yet playful and easy to please. I can’t believe how much he loves tennis balls. In this photo he’s looking all sad and pitiful bc we weren’t playing ball in the rain. Lol He was happy inside the house when I unwrapped his new chew bone. 🙂

I’m typing in bed, half asleep, with Clyde laying on my legs. This is truly appreciated. It helps physically and emotionally.

There’s something awesome about him needing me as much as I need him.

My service animal has emotional problems for which he takes daily medication. I understand the anxiety, the absolute need for predictability and lower levels of stimulation than most homes. I work with him on some of his fears and have seen progress.

One of the major things that changed once Clyde arrived is the time I wake in the morning. I get up early to take him out bc he’s been holding it all night. He’s very well house trained!

That’s all I’ve got for now… about Clyde anyway. Sadly, one of my Malaysian Bullfrog’s passed away. I had two, Charlie and Cheesy. Charlie passed two days ago. I’m not happy.

Once a house full of frogs and fish, I now only have 2 frogs: an Australian tree frog and one Malaysian Bullfrog aka Chubby frog. I had 2 Aussie frogs but I ended up returning one… I regret that but I intend  to get another in the spring. I’ll get another bullfrog for Cheesy soon. He’s called and called for Charlie w no answer. Thank goodness Chubby Frogthe species is $8 or Cheesy would be by himself a bit longer. The Australian frogs aka White’s Tree Frog aka Dumpy frogs are $20 here. That’s why I’m waiting until spring. That frog has to go on a list with other stuff waiting to be purchased.

Technically Cheesy can live alone but he and Charlie were together b4 I got them. And he didn’t call so often with Charlie in there. I feel bad for him.

Lastly, my therapist is on vacation for 2 weeks so I won’t have therapy review entries to write. I’m having a hard time wanting to write so I may do simple entries just to keep myself open to communication and reaching out.

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