There’s decent news to share in the way of an update I had this rash situation for 2 weeks, but w Lupus I didn’t panic because Lupus throws rashes at you all the time. I’d been putting my thieves oil on it but it did nothing for the pain. That’s why I went to the doctor, terrible pain. That’s when I was told I have shingles.  Friday’s appointment also told me I’m 2 weeks in to a 3 to 5 week endurance race. It hurts something fierce but I’m almost at half point when the virus will be shut down, dormant or whatever you want to call it. That’s decent news. I’m not at the beginning and I’m no longer contagious.

I’ll be on meds a bit longer and see my doc in 2 weeks.

List of foods not to eat when you have Shingles.
Did you know you’re not supposed to eat chocolate when you have shingles? What? What kind of horrific disease do you have to have, to be told you can’t eat chocolate? I mean seriously? It’s insult to injury. If they’d said you can’t have tea I would have laughed out loud.

chocolate (how evil!)
grain cereals (but I love Lucky Charms.)
chicken soup (seriously?) 
coconut (for real?)

Again, I’m not really dealing with this on an emotional level, just dealing. I mean, the first two weeks are over. I’m almost half way through. My thought is this, by the time I’ve got a hormonal collapse again, I’ll be nearly done with this. That means very little overlap… again. I see that as a positive. Too many things at once leads me down a tricky path. No more overlap, give me a little relief please.

Shingles Overview from the Mayo Clinic

Shingles is caused by the varicella-zoster virus — the same virus that causes chickenpox. Anyone who’s had chickenpox may develop shingles. After you recover from chickenpox, the virus can enter your nervous system and lie dormant for years.

Eventually, it may reactivate and travel along nerve pathways to your skin — producing shingles. But, not everyone who’s had chickenpox will develop shingles.

The reason for shingles is unclear. But it may be due to lowered immunity to infections as you grow older. Shingles is more common in older adults and in people who have weakened immune systems.

Are you contagious?
A person with shingles can pass the varicella-zoster virus to anyone who isn’t immune to chickenpox. This usually occurs through direct contact with the open sores of the shingles rash. Once infected, the person will develop chickenpox, however, not shingles.

Chickenpox can be dangerous for some people. Until your shingles blisters scab over, you are contagious and should avoid physical contact with anyone who hasn’t yet had chickenpox or the chickenpox vaccine, especially people with weakened immune systems, pregnant women and newborns.

List of essential oils to use to help heal shingles
Thieves oil  ( got it )
Ravintsara oil
Bergamot oil
Geranium oil
Chamomile oil  ( got it )
Tea Tree Oil   ( got it )
Lavender oil  ( got it )

Oh life, life, life.
The last shingles trivia to offer is that I can’t pass it to my dog or the frog.

Now I must go have some baked fish and a cup of tea.


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