Again, this is not a rough patch, it’s a field w pits and quicksand. It’s a field where pain is as common as flowers.

I’ve had another small emergency doctor visit bc my pain has been too high for too long. Between Lupus, CRSD and shingles, my threshold was met quickly.

When the pain stays high like that I go in w/o a second thought. I used to feel bad for needing to be given pain treatment but they know me and treat me well. They don’t act like I’m just there to get high.

I’m home now and somewhat tired but my mood is ok. Interestingly enough, I now have to try to deal with the pain meds. It’s not like dealing with the pain, but there are issues related to that type of pain medication in my body. At the moment there’s relief from what I was feeling so I won’t complain too much. 


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One thought on “Pits in the field

  1. It is awesome that you are not treated like you are seeking meds So many seem to be treated as if they are doing just that. I hope the shingles calms down and goes away for you soon.

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