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Sundrip Health Update – Long Term Care Facility

Hi, I am Faith’s friend Julie. She asked me to let post that SUNDRIP: Art for Life has had a crisis and will be on hold for now. She is still in 11 days ICU with multiple blood clots and declining liver functioning. She will transition out of ICU 1Saccording to progress. The plan is […]

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Pulmonary Embolism and active blood clots

I’ve been in ICU for 7 days now. Hard time. Pulmonary Embolism and active blood clots, plural, in both legs. Painful. Can’t walk or feel a large portion of my legs. I’ll be in the hospital for a bit over all. Clyde is doing very well, much better than expected. He’s not just stable but […]

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Hospital Visit

After another fall I had to go to the hospital. I was there most of the day. I’ve hurt my back and require in home care for a few days so tomorrow a friend will come to stay with me and Clyde. There’s degeneration where I hit which means I smacked an already damaged area. […]

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Stuff in an entry

I’m still sick but at least I’m up on an on the laptop. In a day or so I’ll photograph the two new teddy bears made from soft, pink brushed suede. And after I’ve finished with this cold/ flu /dang disease, I’ll finish the plastic bag holder doll I started. I look forward to this […]

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I have a cold or something. I’m not feeling that great. My laptop is down. I have a tablet but it doesn’t let me write easily. I have to make too many corrections. Michelle is doing most of therapy right now. Until the cold, she was drawing and writing to Dr D. Dr D suggested […]

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The Unseen

“The Unseen” is a painting by my 12 year old alter named Michelle who has been out quite a bit lately. She’s doing therapy with Dr. D right now so there will surely be more art from her displayed on the blog. The art piece was started by layering paint then smearing ink until she […]

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I’m no longer sleeping the way I was and the med side effects are starting to get better. I got what I asked for, a reprieve from menopausal symptoms while managing shingles. I should see a start up of symptoms in the next few days but I did get almost two weeks of relief that […]