After another fall I had to go to the hospital. I was there most of the day. I’ve hurt my back and require in home care for a few days so tomorrow a friend will come to stay with me and Clyde.

There’s degeneration where I hit which means I smacked an already damaged area. Man that hurt. Clyde was right beside me the whole time. I was in the house when I fell.

I was given 2 shots for pain but my body ate it up, didn’t do much.

I’m dehydrated but I’ve also got an issue with the vital signs of my liver and kidneys. The ER doc said my daily meds aren’t being processed well and that I’ll need to have my kidneys watched closely. The new meds may help keep leg spasms at bay but they are damaging organ functioning. I’ll do follow up care Monday but for the weekend I’ve got a friend to help.

My legs and toes tingle then pain travels as high as my stomach then neck, making me nauseous and light headed. Even with a cain I can hardly walk. I’m not enjoying myself. I’m having a hard time staying positive.


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