Sundrip Health Update – Long Term Care Facility

Hi, I am Faith’s friend Julie. She asked me to let post that SUNDRIP: Art for Life has had a crisis and will be on hold for now. She is still in 11 days ICU with multiple blood clots and declining liver functioning. She will transition out of ICU 1Saccording to progress. The plan is for her to eventually go to a long-term hospital rehab facility to get the care needed. She may be emotionally ready to blog before moving to long term hospital care.

Most possessions are being thrown a way or stored as she will be unable to care for herself or Clyde. Art is being stored.
Clyde will be adopted by a friend and will be enrolled in a program that lets him visit several times a week.

Because of the high number of blood clots and the one that broke off in the lung, she is unable to care for daily life or run the Etsy shop. The shop will be temporarily closing until further notice. All sales currently in progress are valid. Eventually, blogging will be picked back up via tablet.

All contact information is still valid.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. More information will be provided in the near future.

In Hope and Healing,

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2 thoughts on “Sundrip Health Update – Long Term Care Facility

  1. I have followed your post, silently since I haven’t written in the comments. I am so sad to hear about your health. Your post and artwork inspire and keep me going. I have “Faith” that you will heal and return to your life.


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