I’ve been in the hospital since mid February, a month now . I’ve been part of something profound and I know it. I will talk about it in depth at another time. I’m not really able to blog through this right now but there is a lot to say concerning surgery one. Blogging while in the hospital bed is difficult.

Surgery 2 will happen Monday, and it is sobering. I keep looking at that sentence, not sure how to just say it. I’ve had time to get used to amputation but losing more is scarier. This will take place Monday.

Update. As of late 3/16/18 I’ve learned the name of the surgery Monday. It Is Transmetatarsal Amputation on the right side.

No matter what I go home with, I will not complain. I am pleased that they are working so hard to help me have a good quality of life after this.

I asked the doctors to return me to my family and friends and that is what they are doing, with compassion and more.

I’m not out of the woods after surgery. I’ve got ugly health problems that need close monitoring.

It’s time for breakfast. Buscuits and gravy sit on my hot plate.

So, against odds, I am still here.

I send you smiles.


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7 thoughts on “Surgery 2 and life pages turned

  1. I miss your post and love reading about the emotional and artistic work you are doing. I wish you speedy healing at this time in your life. You art work and blog inspires me. I wasn’t able to keep up my own blog that you followed for a minute (Do You Hear Voices…). I seldom write comments but you should know that you are in my thoughts. BTW, thank you for the doll I bought from Etsy. I named her Zola:-)

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