Several doctors have teamed up to manage my hemaglobin nightmare. I’ve seen top physicians, stars in their field. One such star reminds me of the guy from the Verizon commercial.

When he came in he exuded confidence. I knew I was in good hands. I thought about how young he seems, about personal sacrifices he may have made, and was grateful for them. I thought about late nights studying, about conferences instead of home life and personal life. I thought of social and economic sacrifices he may have made just to be in a field he clearly loves. And to be at the helm of a cutting edge surgery done only a handful of times, ever.

My Verizon told me he understands there is a God at play and did not accept full credit for his work. Awesome he understands that. I hope he can hear, too, that he did a wonderful job. He really did, and he put me and my friends at ease. So when I saw him again, I knew I could go through with it, even though I was scared.

Verizon worked with an extensive team, a well qualified, well oiled machine. Everyone from surgeon to person who transported me from room to room did so with care and compassion as if I were their own. Even after surgery when I had the complications, the response..lengthy, arduous, hands on response… was immediate and maintained until I was out of the woods. The people who helped me after surgery said it was nothing, just their job. I reminded them it was the first and only time I’ve had someone manually compress a vein in my neck for 30 min because I wouldn’t stop bleeding. I’ve never had the vein in my groan manually compressed to hold in blood bc I would not stop bleeding. The people who held in my life are heroes to me. I was awake and aware, and it hurt, it was terrifying. It’s their job, but I’m new to such things.

In addition to being part of study of this surgery and all that includes, I received emergency care that means a lot to me. There is much gratitude for everyone here.

I also feel grateful for team that will remove the foot. I’m grateful for their practice and skill set which may allow me less pain in everyday life. The vascular team removed a massive blood clot, plus clots in the legs and lungs. I hope I will have less daily pain after these things. I could use a little less pain.

I’ve enjoyed meeting doctors, nurses and techs from all personality types. One bubbly nurse who reminds me of Tina Fey, brought me a coloring book and some cool Watercolor pencils to work with. I don’t have brushes here but I’ll get my Watercolor pens so I can paint while in the rehab center after surgery. I’ve started my first piece based on amputation, however, as I have recently come to feel, there are some images of mine best kept personal.

I feel like I need someplace tonight to lay a few pre surgery words, however, blogging everything from my hospital bed isn’t something I am going to do. I feel like I need rest but if there are moments I need to lay down words, I want to do so with a conservative touch.


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  1. Prayers for you for surgery tomorrow. What an astounding level of care you have received. We hope you have somewhere privately you can write when you need to. We have kept a written journal since 3rd grade.

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